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Enslaved Chicken Hawks of USA

Enslaved Chicken Hawks of USA

For more: Enslaved Chicken Hawks of USA

1. Israel is a US client state and now we have confirmation that Washington essentially begged Tel Aviv to continue the illusion of a "settlement freeze" over the moribund "peace talks". God help the Middle East.

2. The Americans are programmed to be anti-Muslim for no reason whatsoever. This nation sends its children to fight and die for Israel because Israel Controls USA! If Americans Knew (videos) probably they would not be looking for more enemies and so called defense outposts.

3. This totally undemocratic nation is incapable and unwilling to provide the most fundamental health care safety net to its citizens while war and hate are their preferred options!

4. America exported terrorism in Mumbai through water and Pakistan earlier! Now, they are guarding the same waterways unlawfully with 34 warships!! They are vandalising coconut and coconut trees!!!

5. The Americans have been maiming and murdering millions around the world with bullets, bombs and missiles. However, they are scared of falling coconuts!

6. Most importantly Barak Obama is a smart and intelligent person. He could have made millions of dollars for himself but he opted for community rather than money. He came like re-incarnated Kennedy. He placed himself like a world leader and told the world he could bring peace in this world without bullets and bombs! He also told us that he will export democracy, free speech and all other cherished values known to mankind with justice, equality, humanity, … . He did his best to offer the long overdue medical insurance protection for all Americans!

7. He won the election and then he aligned himself with the Zionists.

8. He did so because he knew the fact that he will be killed before entering in to the White House.

9. He asked Israel to bring Middle East peace proposal. Israel said, “let’s bomb Syria”.

10. He asked Israel again to bring Middle East peace proposal. Israel said, “let’s bomb Iran”.

11. He asked Israel again to bring Middle East peace proposal and stop settlement in the occupied territory. Israel said, “let’s recognise Israel as Zionist state” (Like Hitler asking the world to recognise old Germany as a Nazi state).

Now Mr. Obama is a broken person. He is subject to sabotage and back stabbings. He does not have many friends! Hope he will be able to do some good for USA and people of this world.

Poor Americans!


Communist Chinese President knocks Obama from top of Forbes most powerful list

  • November 6th, 2010 3:46 am PT

Do you like this story?

Communist Chinese President Hu Jintao has knocked off Barack Obama from the top of the Forbes most powerful person list. The Forbes list, which is published every year, is further confirmation of the glaringly obvious decline of American power and prestige—both real and perceived—since Obama assumed his job as president in January of 2009. The criteria for Forbes magazine to name a person to the list is based on his ability to bend the world to his will. Obama’s embarrassing demotion from number one spot atop the list to now sitting behind the communist in Hu Jintao is also a good metaphor for the massive amount of US debt that China now owns. It seems that with each, passing day with Obama at the helm, the US suffers another hit to its prestige and reputation.

In a week that has been defined as the blatant low point in his presidency (and there have been many low points since he was sworn in), Obama gets to end the week with the ultimate capstone to his weakness: Demotion on an embarrassing, global level. The Forbes list measures power and influence on a global scale, and the magazine cited Obama’s party’s monstrous and record-setting losses in this past week’s midterms as the reason for his demotion. This makes complete sense since the midterm results amounted to the American people rebuking Obama and firing a good number of his party’s politicians. With such a massive rebuke by his own people, Forbes could no longer justify keeping Obama as the most powerful person on Earth.

Forbes also put the depreciation of Obama’s so-called brand in the proper context, namely that with a massive GOP wave coming into Congress, Obama will effectively be stymied in actually implementing much of his agenda. So the Forbes demotion of Obama was not exclusively based on his monstrous midterm losses, but, looking ahead, to his own viability to be an effective president. And based on the number of Republicans controlling the legislative branch of government, Obama’s viability is clearly undercut.

This demotion of Obama is also a perfect, symbolic representation and embodiment of the demotion of America’s image under him, since about January 2009 when he was inaugurated. Just think back to all the times in his two years in power that Obama showed demonstrable and damning signs of weakness. In his first, ignoble year in power, who in their right mind could actually forget Obama basically apologizing to the Arab world!? Remember when Emperor Obama (who now has no clothes, in case anyone is still wondering) gave a speech in Egypt that was seen as weak before the whole world?

Or how about all the close calls back on the US homeland, in terms of terrorism attempts, since Obama was sworn in as president?!! Just in the past year alone, there have been three, large-scale attempts at and acts of terrorism on the US homeland. There has been the successful domestic terror attack by that traitorous Major Nidal terrorist from November 2009. Then, there was the underwear-bombing attempt by the terrorist called Abdulmutallab and, following that, the car-bomb attempt in Times Square in New York! All this sequence of terror attacks, again, fails to project an image of American power, and Obama is squarely to blame since the buck stops with him as president.

So in context, the Forbes demotion of Obama makes all the sense in the world. In fact, you could say that it is even one year too late as last year already, there was already a plethora of signs that established that Obama was deteriorating the perception of American power around the globe. Here’s to hoping that in just a couple of years, Obama is fired from his job as president, when he surely won’t figure into any future Forbes lists thereafter.

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Tariq Ali and Paul McGeough

Tariq Ali and Paul McGeough

Further to Further to Controlling the narrative in Israel and Palestine, Dershowitz packs Central, BEYOND THE SINS OF THE FATHERS and Israel Centric Monkey Dance I went to attend Tariq Ali lecture “WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM TERRROISTS” at the Sydney Opera House; Tariq Ali was superb and very professional. Tariq exposed American and Israeli state sponsored terrorism and millions of wrong doings by them around the world. It was superb and balanced. One lovely Australian born grandmother told me, “what he is telling to us is well-known to us – we want to know more and in a passionate manner”. My response to her was, “he has to be balanced and objective”. Tariq also reconfirmed what the neo-cons do not want to hear and tell others that both misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan are totally tragic failures. Mr. Ali also smoothly exposed blatantly obvious, cruel, illogical and irrational pro-Israeli policies of USA, UK, … and shameful sufferings, mistreatment and demonisation of the people of Palestine over the last sixty years. He continued about the American madness of:

1. Exporting democracy and free speech with bombs and bullets.

2. Wining hearts and minds of people with blatant and cheap propaganda.

3. Manipulating religion and race did not work before and won’t work in future.

During the question time 18 speakers spoke and I was the 20th one and therefore I missed out. 16 of those contributors were decent, genuine and knowledgeable. Only two Zionist/Zionist supporters made a fool of themselves. One asked, “what do you think about Iranian President’s recent infamous comment where he said 9/11 was an inside job”? I could not control my anger of this boring Zionist lie and I shouted across the hall, “he never said this” (you fool). Mr. Ali gave him a very penetrating response and exposed his stupidity too with a diplomatic flavor.

Anyway, I was surfing the crowd with my proud T-Shirt which displays, “Zionist Criminals I Love Osama”. I welcomed the Deputy American Terrorist Leader Dick Cheney and Chief Terrorist Leader George Bush respectively with my Shirt. Both of those occasions were hilarious.

Most of the time people look at the message with interest and curiosity, some times funny or intelligent discussions appeared in the horizon but I have encountered two groups of idiots only! Once at Leichardt and today at the Opera House!!

One Zionist buffalo shouted, “it is fascistic”.

I turned around with an attitude so that he can see my T-Shirt properly and get an opportunity to debate with me. Alas! He had a scared face while other peoples looked at us with interest. I also had few good chuckles with some people. I knew that if I were a frail old lady or unarmed little kid then mighty Zionist/Israeli buffalo would have attacked me with Abraham Tank or F 18! Anyway, I continued to the box office to purchase the next session’s ticket.

One grandmotherly figure touched my T-Shirt and said, “I like the top part but what is this Osama business? Do you like him?”

I whispered, “I am a peace loving person, why would I be interested in CIA pinup boy?”

She responded, “I thought so, you don’t look like a violent person”.

After a nice talk, this lovely lady offered me her ticket free of charge as she had other engagement at that time slot. I gladly offered her money and coffee.

On my way out of Opera House I accosted brave and articulate Paul McGeough. He was friendly and open minded. He understood my T-Shirt and smiled. We parted and I went for a coffee.

After a bit of adventure I came back to attend “AFTER THE FLOTILLA: CONTROLLING THE NERRATIVE IN ISRAEL AND PALESTINE” of Paul. It was a superb hour and half lecture based on facts and historical evidence exposing and condemning Israeli and American never ending wrong doings. The pin drop Opera House audience was the testimony of the brilliance of Paul McGeough.

The question and answer session was also exiting. Mostly thought full, humane and intelligent people made their valuable contributions apart from one and half Zionist’s nitrogenous waste.

I was the last one to speak and I had to apologise to my sister like figure Green Senator Sylvia Hale who just returned from Palestine with her invaluable contributions and sacrifice.

I knew that we need more than diplomatic lingo and polish approach to hit it hard and wake up the mass as Australian media outlets are disgustingly pro-Israel and silent the least about this burning catastrophe.

I started, “Diaries and testimonies of Theodor Hartzl, Vladimir Jabotinsky and Joseph Weitz are evidenced by First Jewish colony in Palestine, 1878, United Nations Partition Plan-UN Resolution 181, 1947 / Rhodes Armistice Line, 1949 and Projection of the West Bank Final Status Map presented by Israel, Camp David, July 2000 clearly show that Palestinians are not guilty at all. Above links also clearly support the fact that Israeli Holocaust in the Occupied Palestine Was Conspired before Hitler’s Holocaust. Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews, Pre-Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews, The 1952 Law of Entry, The 1952 Citizenship Law, The Law of Acquisition of Absentee Property, … remove the last iota of doubt that the slow motion and most painful concentration camps known to mankind located inside occupied Palestine with a stamp of infinity are operated by the generations of Israelis.”. I continued, “A Palestinian kid who is playing in his/her mums cradle, backyard, schoolyard, … is a terrorist!?! People who are racing from all over the world to the holy land and terrorisng the Palestinians are victim continuum!! Israeli ethnic cleansing is justified. Hitler’s ethnic cleansing is not justified! What a double standard and hypocrisy!?! Why are we tolerating these barbaric acts?” Everyone was silent.

Paul knew I was right. He basically said what I said but he was more articulate, smooth, professional and convincing. At one stage the MC closed the meeting.

Many people paid attention to me. One educated gentleman with IT background followed me and argued his points. We continued our mature debate. During our interaction a few Zionists were looking for opportunities while a few Palestinians encircled me to ensure my safety.

This gentleman was a thinker but not a critical thinker. I answered his tabloid trash based questions with Osama bin Laden! Guilty or Innocent?, Osama bin Laden to Slaughter the Arabs and Muslims, Afghanistan! A Graveyard of Western Prejudice and Bigotry?, Afghanistan! Another Ancient Crusade of Our Time!, Afghanistan to Dickensian England! What Do You Think About It?, Afghanistan is Good and USA Must Quit Afghanistan Now. Finally he blamed Palestinians for the breakdown of peace talk! I offered documents like The Genuine Offer of Ehud Barak at Camp David (2000) and Distorting the Camp David negotiations. He was unconvinced! I offered him $100 then $1000 reward should he finds any error in my documents! I also offered statistics like All Terrorists are Muslims...Except the 99.6% Aren't!, Is it also true that 7% of American terrorism emanated from Jews? …. . He replied that he does not believe in statistics! I told him, “you must have a close mind and further discussions may not be very fruitful”. We chuckled. Yet, I kept the communication line open by saying, “you got my web, blog, discussion group addresses and my phone number; please throw your word of wisdom when you are ready”.

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Debate vs Murdering Free Speech

Debate vs Murdering Free Speech

Further to Racism and Sectarianism Inspired Violence my responses are in red.

The Role of shock jocks, spin doctors and tabloid trash media outlets in Australian election is at your service. Like Peer’s Peers Australian media outlets love to murder free speech and they are afraid of open debate.

Submission to Propaganda, No Mosque at Ground Zero, Robert Spencer praises Newt's intellectual leadership in identifying threat of radical Islam, Video: America at Risk: Camus, National Security, and Afghanistan, Newt Gingrich Praises Anti-Defamation League for Opposing Proposed Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero, Newt says WTC mosque construction is a "political act" on NY1 News, Newt Gingrich Statement on Proposed Mosque/Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero and many other links and forums contain my contributions and they are subject to public scrutiny.

--- In, Dennis Kiernan wrote:

He said he believes in having a dialogue, to promote world peace and understanding I think it was, so I'm anxious to see his reply to the couple of simple questions I asked him.

Or is he maybe more concerned with other things than world peace and understanding?


Your baseless personal vilification and intellectually bankrupt question does not warrant an answer.

--- In, callsignmag@... wrote:

Re: [Taxi List] Re: Taxi-List and Taxi Drivers


Now we're getting somewhere. Faruque is gay and blames Israel for it! I'd like him to give his view on 9/11 - not from a website but by typing his answer here...

Alan in London

--- In, "Don McCurdy" wrote:

RE: [Taxi List] Re: Taxi-List and Taxi Drivers

Is it me or does it seem the biggest bigots complain about bigotry the loudest? dmc

Film is not history. Misguided Modern Day Crusaders is at your service. Please present your case in that link with intelligence and integrity. One day the whole world may share your words of wisdom.

--- In, Dennis Kiernan wrote:

Having a big beef with Israel is very understandable. But the Muslim whackos who are bent on spreading their faith by the sword have nothing to do with Israel and are in the same league as the Nazis. There are no Israelis in the Sudan and look what they've done there.

BTW for anyone who wd like a reminder of what the Holocaust was, I recommend Polanski's film, "The Pianist", based on the true story of a Polish pianist. It won 3 Oscars in 2002 and is a great great film.

Peer’s Peers,

Faruque Ahmed’s T-Shirt and Peer Lindholdt of Promiscuity for Virginity condemned you and these sites exposed your lies. You or anyone for that matter can present your case in a civil manner.

--- In, Peer Lindholdt wrote:

Re: Taxi-List and Taxi Drivers

But you don't discuss anything. You just forward a website or make ridiculous statements that sound more like a spokesman for Bin Laden than a taxi driver...

Alan in London

You are right, Faruque doesn't discuss anything when it comes to Middle Eastern politics. He is an activist-provocateur against the State of Israel and Jews in general.

Ten years ago he turned up at a union meeting in Sydney wearing an "I love Bin Laden" T-shirt.

He has a right to his views but I find it offensive when he bombards lists like this one with his hateful rasist crap.

I would have moderated him long ago.


Racism and Sectarianism Inspired Violence

For more: Racism and Sectarianism Inspired Violence

Further to Israel Centric War and Hate due to politician and media inspired racism and sectarianism many tragedies are happening around the world.

Prominent activist Faruque Ahmed has been chasing a few of them like;

1. Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outside Australian Mosque

2. Redfern Mosque Attack

3. Stabbed Muslim cabbie to enter Ground Zero mosque spat.

Media outlets and politicians are trying to hide them under the carpet.

Shooting sacred cows The Australian, 3 Aug 2010, Church to burn the Koran to mark 9/11 Adelaide Now, 31 Jul 2010, Christianity can combat Islam threat Daily Telegraph, 29 Jul 2010, … are not new!

Before 9/11 Salman Rushdie was engaged to lead the “moderate” Muslims!

After 9/11 a misfit, promiscuous and self proclaimed lesbian Ershad Manji was given the red carpet to guide the “moderate” Islamic entity!!

Today, the “messiah of women” Ayaan Hirshi Ali is given the money and power to spew her reckless venom against Islam!!!

Would you believe the demands for 50% Mosque Spaces For Women and support for Muslim Women Priests came from non Muslim politicians and spin doctors. They also facilitated anti-Muslim Meal Ticket in Germany.

In short, the Israetards, Israeo-Nazis and Zio-Nazis are also behind Salman Rushdie, Bin Laden, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, Norma Khouri, 50% Mosque Spaces For Women, Tanvir Ahmed, 72 Virgins to Nothing, Muslim Women Priests, Actual Australian Muslim Virgin, Meal Ticket in Germany, Monica Ali, Burqa, Bushfire, Dog, and many other anti-Muslim and anti-Arab vendetta. All of those items above are carefully crafted and nurtured “accelerants” to create bushfires around the world between various sex, race, religion and people.

Western media ignore Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews, Pre-Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews, Settler Rabbi publishes “The complete guide to killing non-Jews” — UPDATED, Jewish Venom Continuum and Zionism Is Incompatible With Any Society. Most likely they are afraid of the Jewish forces.

However well connected and financed Mullahs are not trotting the globe to denounce Christianity for:

1. Misguided Crusades

2. Inquisition

3. Conquistador

4. Child Abuse by Christian Priests.

Even the Muslim “fanatics” are not denouncing the Jews for:

1. The complete guide to killing non-Jews.

2. Openly inciting against non Jews.

3. Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews.

4. Pre-Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews.

5. Conspiring to murder Jesus

6. Jewish Shariah (“hadith”) and Stone to Death

7. Harlot, Mishnah and Sex with Children

8. Rabbis Teachings on sex with infants and animals

Therefore the Muslims must be peace loving contrary to baseless propaganda.

Israel Centric War and Hate

For more: Israel Centric War and Hate

Shock jock and hate merchants inspired Hate Crimes in Australia, USA an elsewhere can’t be denied.

USA got money. The Arabs got the oil. They need each other. No one needs war to buy oil. Please remember, Cheney: Iraq pullout would hurt Israel, Iraq: A War For Israel and Illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq are state inspired violence. Iraq provides further evidence and therefore attacking the messenger (Faruque Ahmed) is not a good idea.

Debate and discussion can advance an idea, remove confrontation and improve understanding. For some reason Taxi-List members are having some difficulties in accessing my communications.

On order to remove problem of this nature I am dedicating a few blogs and sites. Hope you will enjoy them.

Taxi-List and Taxi Drivers and for more: Taxi-List and Taxi Drivers are at your service.

All links mentioned in Australia to America and Taxi Drivers are working. In case of any difficulty you are welcome to visit and make a comment should you wish.

In these links you may find at least 14 links of Newt Gingrich where I made my position very clear with absolute determination. You too can make a contribution over there instead of making unsophisticated remark about me.

--- In, callsignmag@... wrote:

Re: [Taxi List] Australia to America and Taxi Drivers

...and with the freedom to practise it!

Alan in London

In a message dated 01/09/2010 02:46:13 GMT Daylight Time,
jdkiernan2@... writes:

Every religion has its loonies, Faruque, and you're one of them.

--- In, "Don McCurdy" wrote:

RE: [Taxi List] Australia to America and Taxi Drivers

What "issue" is it that you think "taxi industry activists can't maintain silence about," some whack job attacked a driver because he was muslim or religious bigotry? The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are about Israel? For some everything is about Israel. For them I would say the problem is in the mirror, so why don't you start looking there? Bigotry whining about other bigotry will have a hard time gaining traction with Americans, at least this American.. Unfortunately, your obvious bias negates any value your argument may have.


--- In, Dennis Kiernan wrote:
Re: [Taxi List] Australia to America and Taxi Drivers

Every religion has its loonies, Faruque, and you're one of them.

--- In, Joseph Minnich wrote:

Re: [Taxi List] Australia to America and Taxi Drivers

Majority of these links don't work... why don't you give us your opinion on things Mr Faruque.

On Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 10:13 AM, Biplobi Faruque
union_faruque@...> wrote:

What do you know about Stabbed Muslim Taxi Driver in New York?

Australia to America and Taxi Drivers

For more: Australia to America and Taxi Drivers

Stabbed Muslim cabbie to enter Ground Zero mosque spat, Redfern Mosque Attack, Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outside Australian Mosque and Quinn Mosque attacks are examples of state and media inspired terrorism!

Osama bin Laden! Guilty or Innocent?, (Who Invented) Osama bin Laden to Slaughter the Arabs and Muslims, USA Must Quit Afghanistan Now and the last ten year abject failure can’t be covered up with racism and sectarianism.

The illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan are Israel-centered and resource oriented sadistic geopolitical game! These conflicts had nothing to do with Australian defense and safety.

Please remember, Cheney: Iraq pullout would hurt Israel, Iraq: A War For Israel and Illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq are state inspired violence.

Taxi workers or any other workers for that matter do not have to put up with these barbaric acts.

So called taxi industry activists can’t maintain silence about this issue.

--- In, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote:

Re: Australia to America

Stabbed Muslim cabbie to enter Ground Zero mosque spat due to incitement of populist and opportunist politicians like Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and like minded shock jocks, spin doctors, … .

For further information you are welcome to visit the following links:

--- In, "Jodie" wrote:

Re: Australia to America

Newt Gingrich's "Intellectual leadership" ????? LOL

Newt Gingrich does NOT even have a brain !! Duh....

Robert Spencer praises Newt's intellectual leadership in identifying threat of radical Islam

--- In, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote:

Re: Australia to America

Newt: Building of the mosque is a political statement of ‘shocking arrogance.’

A Reply to The Economist's Mosque Article

Newt and Callista Speak at the Mother of Life Conference

Free Cities

To Save America Tuesday: 21st Century Threats to National Security

No Mosque at Ground Zero

Robert Spencer praises Newt's intellectual leadership in identifying threat of radical Islam

Video: America at Risk: Camus, National Security, and Afghanistan

Newt Gingrich Praises Anti-Defamation League for Opposing Proposed Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero

Newt says WTC mosque construction is a "political act" on NY1 News

Newt Gingrich Statement on Proposed Mosque/Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero

In Australia many shock jocks, spin doctors and opportunist politicians love to incite against the Arabs and Muslims based on false and fabricated reasons and grounds!

As a result we had a number of tragedies in this country. However the media and politicians skillfully covered them up!!

Shock jock and hate merchants inspired Hate Crimes in Australia

Further to Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outside Australian Mosque, Islam and Arab Bashing, Beyond Islam and Arab Bashing, Is He Guilty Because Of His Religion?, What Do You Think About This Muslim Terrorist!, Bangla Barta, Double Standard and Hypocrisy in Australia, Faruque Ahmed Facing Electronic Sabotage, Tracking Islamic Terrorism, Beyond Sydney Mosque Attack, Gutless Bangladeshi Embassy and Government and Letter of Local Area Commander let's examine the well oiled anti-Muslim zeal propagated by the Zionist and Zionised forces around the world.

Complaisant authorities and media outlets are silent! Redfern Mosque Attack and many more sectarian attack victims are silently crying for justice.

Hope shock jocks, spin doctors and opportunist politicians will refrain from inciting against Muslims and Arabs for their lust and greed.