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What Do You Think About This Muslim Terrorist!

What Do You Think About This Muslim Terrorist!

People who love democracy, free speech, justice, fairness, humanity and notion of justice are not happy with Faruque Ahmed. Because his report Muslim Worshipers Attacked In Australian Mosque is not accurate enough! In reality the deliberate and brazen attack took place out side the mosque mentioned below. Nonetheless, this sectarian attack is directly attributed to racism, prejudice and bigotry incited by Australian media outlets and other institutions.

Generally speaking, police warn people and ask for public assistance through media and other means when this kind of incident takes place. This time they are silent! Why is it so? Is it because this victim is not Jewish? If a Jewish Rabbi complains for a verbal attack, Prime Minister, Governor General, Premier, … will crawl through the corridor in this country. But, because this victim is a Muslim, everyone is silent. A Muslim Taxi Driver is Waiting for Justice is a drop in the ocean!

The terrified and concerned Australian Federation of Islamic Council staff members are also worried about slight inaccuracies of Faruque Ahmed initiated voluntary reports.

However media and politicians of this country may be enjoying Islam and Arab bashing continuum.

For more details please click the link.

--- In, "John" wrote:

Re: Australian Mosque Attack

What a disgusting shameful act under Australian Laws and the Biased Australian media

Neither the police did anything neither the media published it. I am sure if was in some church or Synagogue. There would have been huge outcry from the law and the media and every Muslim would have been bashed at least three times a day and special terrorism laws would have been in place, putting any Muslim in jail without any charge.

This is a good historical example of Australia does not gives freedom and equal right s to other religions and does not guarantee safety for Islamic faith.

The guy who was beaten while he was praying inside the mosque? The guy was unconscious after beating inside the mosque. The guy then was dragged by these thugs outside to the street where then he was ran over by their car.

Later he was admitted to ST Vincent Hospital Sydney
He is in the intensive care of the hospital.
Anyone Telephone (02) 8382 1111

St Vincent Hospital
390 Victoria Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

I think this is the time for the Australian Church Groups, Both Labour and Liberal party to celebrate their victory over ISLAM Kevin Rudd should be pleased with the results.


--- In, "bruce" wrote:

Re: Muslim Worshipers Attacked In Australian Mosque

you are a bloody nutter knucklehead!!! This incident as you describe did not happen!! No muslims were bashed ans mr ahmed was not contacted and this is all a figment of your pathetic immagination!! You are a very sick and sad men knucklehead!!

Cheers Bruce

Is He Guilty Because Of His Religion?

A premeditated sectarian and racist attack outside Sydney’s Zetland Mosque is silenced by the media and police! The Muslim victim of this senseless and brutal attack is in coma. Does this victim deserve protection of law? Or is he guilty because of his religion?

Ms. Lisa Zilberpriver

Online Current Affairs Producer


Subject: Sectarian and Racist Attack Outside Sydney Mosque

Dear Lisa

My friend Mosleur Rohaman kindly forwarded your business card to me. He tells me that you are interested to investigate this tragic case. I am shocked by the total silence of the general media and police attitude.

Should you require any further information please call me any time.

With thanks.

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed

Moderator, Free Australia Now


Mobile: 041 091 4118

Tuesday 1/12/2009

Dear Garry (2SM)

Thank you very much for giving me some airtime last night.

As I promised to your producer, I am forwarding a chronology for your assistance. The rest is up to you.

Thanks again.

Faruque Ahmed

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ms. Dikeos Thea

7.30 Report


Dear Dikeos

Thanks for your sympathetic air. Please find the actual event and relevant information regarding this brazen, sectarian and racist premeditated attack outside Sydney’s Zetland Mosque.

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Does Australian Prime Minister Hate Sheikh Haron?

Why Does Australian Prime Minister Hate Sheikh Haron?

Sheikh Haron was created to challenge trial by media. Premier Nathan Rees was dedicated to expose opportunist and lynch mob politicians. The Zionised Media Circus is further evidence to point out the existence of modern day Joseph Goebbels right here, right now in Australia and suffocation of truth in the media. I hope Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will tell us why the neo-cons (mainly Zio-Nazis) managed to force us to fight other people’s war outside Australia. I also would like to know, why, there were no proper debates or discussion inside or outside parliament before invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq? Why did they emotionally blackmail us prior to and after those un-winnable Israel centric wars?
However Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s stomach turned up side down for Sheikh Haron but not for this man and women?

Couple 'posted son's sex assault on web'
Posted Tue Nov 17, 2009 11:00am AEDT Updated Tue Nov 17, 2009 2:16pm AEDT

The images were allegedly posted on the internet. (ABC News, file photo)

Map: Peakhurst 2210
A man and woman from Sydney, who are accused of sexually assaulting their nine-year-old son, have been remanded in custody.
The 56-year-old man, who is facing six charges, was the first of the two to appear at Sutherland Local Court today.
He was led barefoot into the dock where he listened as the magistrate told him that police had served an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) on him, forbidding him from contacting his son.
Documents tendered to the court allege that the couple raped their nine year old son and streamed the video live on the internet using a webcam.
They were arrested last night at their home at Peakhurst, in Sydney's south, where police say they found two computers containing the pornographic images.
The boy's mother, aged 46, said nothing during her appearance as the magistrate repeated the same instructions regarding the AVO.
She cannot call or write to her son from jail.
The woman faces charges of sexual assault and aggravated indecent assault.
She also faces charges of concealing a serious offence and inciting an act of indecency.
The police documents state that she knew her husband was raping her son and she failed to report it.
It is alleged that the assaults happened sometime between New Year's Day and a week ago.
The matter returns to court next year.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Summery of The World Politics

Summery of The World Politics

British politics is based on Divide and Rule.

Machiavellian politics is based on Back Stabbing.

American politics is based on Nuclear Bomb and Humvy.

Chinese politics is based on Commutalism (Capitalism + Communism).

India politics is based on English and Democracy.

Israeli politics is based on is based on Manipulation and Deception.

Palestinian politics is based on Anger and Frustration.

Australian politics is based on Child Killing (for mistress or money).

Faruque Ahmed
Moderator, Sydney Taxi Corruption, Mobile: 041 091 4118
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Friday, October 30, 2009


Durban, 31 August-7 September 2001
Agenda item 7
ADOPTION OF THE AGENDA Note by the Secretary-General

The agenda of the World Conference as adopted by the Conference on 31 August 2001 is reproduced below.AGENDA OF THE WORLD CONFERENCE
1. Opening of the Conference.
2. Election of the President.
3. Opening addresses.
4. Adoption of the rules of procedure.
5. Election of the other officers of the Conference.
6. Credentials of representatives to the Conference.(a) Appointment of the Credentials Committee;(b) Report of the Credentials Committee.
7. Adoption of the agenda.
8. Organization of work.
9. Conference themes:
- Sources, causes, forms and contemporary manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.
- Victims of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.
- Measures of prevention, education and protection aimed at the eradication of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance at the national, regional and international levels.
- Provision of effective remedies, recourse, redress, compensatory* and other measures at the national, regional and international levels.
- Strategies to achieve full and effective equality, including international cooperation and enhancement of United Nations and other international mechanisms in combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, and follow-up.
10. Adoption of the final document and the report of the Conference.-----
* The use of the word "compensatory" is without prejudice to any outcome of this conference. DUR.01-152